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To make the best of the 1% vacancy rate in Victoria, income suites are the way to go. Unfinished basements, carports, and garages can be converted to an income property. The time to reclaim under-used space is better than ever.

With Vacation rentals like AirBandB, VRBO, homeaway, plentiful college, and university options the rental rates are high, which offset the renovation costs to add value in your home.

We offer the services to generate income for your family or business. The building permit application and process has become more streamlined in respect to garden suites in Victoria and our model has been adopted from the Vancouver building boom. We render full 3D models and work with clients very closely to optimize land usage and living impact.

Rental suites attached within the home are on the rise in Victoria, and now much easier to achieve. Legal vs illegal suites are a bit of a gamble determining what is best for your budget and timeline, but we can help navigate any potential complications that could arise.



  • 3D rendering
  • value analysis
  • garden suites
  • space optimization
  • and more!

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