Home Repair and Maintenance

Do any of these scenarios sound familiar? Your leaky faucet makes puddles under your sink or your toilet is running endlessly at night. Your laminate or hardwood flooring is buckling up in high traffic areas, or your carpet is wearing away on your stairs. Maybe the old fir front door doesn’t close properly in the winter but is smooth as butter in the summer. Perhaps, the silicone and grout in your bathroom is discolored, or the glass doors aren’t sliding properly. If the stairs for your deck are a bit soft or the handrail is wiggly. Possibly the deck boards are rotten and needs replacing or repainting. Maybe the downspouts have broken off and water is filling in the basement.

The everyday maintenance to keep your house in good working order can be hard to manage alone. Let us fix up those small annoyances for you and get you back on track. We can also help with the small stuff that you don’t have time for or the know-how. Hanging the new flat screen TV, sound proofing with new solid core doors, adding a few plugs or new lights in the bedroom or living room.

With a minimum service fee, we can fix many of these problems at the same time! Our experienced team knows plumbing, electrical, tiling, carpentry, painting, drywalling, roofing, flooring, lighting design. No job is too small and we can fit multiple jobs into one visit. Contact Us Today.



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