The backbone of our business was formed from the generous referrals of Victoria’s leading real-estate agents. Since our conception in 2012 Think renovations has been a successful word of mouth business. Only since the cooling of the Victoria housing market in 2019 have we been advertising our services online. Our strong connection to the housing community and real estate market has landed us many comprehensive renovations. Our portfolio of Commercial renovations includes business’ such as; Starbucks, Save-on Foods, Shell, Mac’s, Hertz and Lifelabs to name a few. The real estate sales community reaches out to Think Renovations for needs related to sales, purchases, inspections and much more.

Kris Granneman 

While some people look at a house and see four walls and a roof, owner of Think Renovations, Kris Granneman, sees a piece of art. He views everything through a creative lens, and whether it be the complete makeover of a largescale estate or a bathroom renovation in a mobile home, his goal is always the same. Kris sees renovation as an opportunity to create a space that exactly matches a vision. He knows his clients in Victoria, BC have a picture in their heads of what they want, and Kris is an expert at bringing those pictures to life. His work ethic and commitment to craftmanship have earned him invitation to remake homes and commercial buildings of all sizes and styles.

Kris’ career in renovation started long before Think Renovations came to life. From early on, he had a natural ability to understand how things work and go together. He grew up helping his dad fix things around the house, and those father-son lessons introduced a life-long passion. The more he created, the more he branched out into different aspects of construction and mechanics. He learned metal fabrication, carpentry, plumbing, electrical, tiling, drywall, painting, and gained an understanding of how everything comes together to create a piece of furniture, a porch, or an entire building.

Thoroughly enthralled by the concept and creative process of home renovation, Kris bought a house. He dedicated his free time to transforming the cookie-cutter residence into a home that was a perfect fit for his family. He looked at every space and how he could improve the function, sturdiness, and style. His Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in sculpture and painting encouraged him to appreciate the art of renovation. When he works on a project, he doesn’t see a job to get done, he sees a creative solution. Eventually, he finished his first reno and knew he wanted more.

While renovating his first home was exciting, it didn’t compare to the opportunity Kris had when he entered the HGTV competition, Canada’s Handyman Challenge. The competition was intense, but week after week, Kris came out on top. One of his most memorable creations, a portable beer keg complete with hand-finished wooden knobs, was deemed by the judges, “The best hefeweizen they ever had.” His maple leaf shaped deck at the end of the season was also a national favorite.

With a national television series under his toolbelt, Kris then decided to focus on starting his business. His goals for Think Renovations are to provide his neighbors in Victoria and the surrounding areas with a creative and trustworthy option for their home renovations. While other contractors focus on the basic and predictable, Kris wants his clients to realize their dream homes are completely possible. From project start to finish, he manages every detail himself and provides full transparency with what he’s doing. Communication is one of his core values, and he wants every client to be confident in their decision to choose Think Renovations.

Canada's Handyman Challenge

With three kids, Kris is a family man who knows homeowners need contractors that can stay on budget and work efficiently. He’s a born and raised islander with ties to the community, and he has already put his creative mark on several neighborhoods in the area. His home renovations improve property value, boost curb appeal, and most of all, they turn generic houses into the homes his clients have always wanted.



From project planning to completion, communication is our key to client happiness. Details including design, materials, and budget are confirmed before the first work boots step on to your property. Our goal is for clients to feel completely confident and satisfied with their service. We have a creative process with proven success.


The first step in every relationship is “hello.” If you’ve been dreaming of a kitchen that matches your culinary desires or need to add more space in your home for a growing family, call or email us with what you have in mind. From there, we’ll connect you with a renovation expert to start planning.


We like to get to know our clients, and we like them to get to know us. The best way for us to turn your vision into a reality is to sit down and discuss the details. We want to know what you see when you close your eyes and think of your perfect home or business. Describe details including how the space looks, feels, and interacts with people. If your vision has a few blanks, we’ll help fill in the holes. Our experts have backgrounds in art and creative construction, and we’ll be happy to brainstorm with you.


Once we know what you’re looking for, we’ll tell you how we’re going to get there. We’ll offer options on materials based on your budget and expectations. Honesty is our top priority, and we deliver facts exactly as we see them. As a business with a strong connection to family, we know clients need contractors they trust. Your quote will include an estimated cost as well as a timeline. If you have questions, we’ll be happy to answer them in detail. When the specifics are arranged, it’s time to get to work.


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